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Wildwood Mission Statement

The mission of the Wildwood School is to create a happy, caring and nurturing preschool dedicated to environmental exploration and artistic expression. 

We promote the children‘s experiential learning, social interaction, and positive self-concept.

We strive to create relationship that provide a meaningful first-learning experience for the children, their parents, and the staff and community.

We Believe
  • Children are our most precious resource and deserve to be cherished.
  • Children mature at their own pace and that their individualism must be respected and valued.
  • Children need to play and explore, while the adults act as facilitators. It is the process that counts, not the product.
  • Children will find our environmental arts program engaging, fun and informative. We strive to offer a curriculum that is developmentally sound and relevant.
  • In respecting teachers and the Early Childhood Teaching profession.
  • That diversity and respect for all cultures and heritages should be promoted.
  • In respecting and protecting the beautiful environment around us, and setting an example of appreciation and care that the children can follow.
  • It is in the children’s best interest to have teachers, parents and the community all work together on the child’s behalf. The concept of “The Wildwood Family” is very important to us.
  • Our commitment to a low teacher/student ratio and a high caliber teaching staff enables us to strive for excellence in preschool education.
Wildwood Philosophy

By using an extended study approach the children at Wildwood School are being continuously challenged by specific learning goals we have set for them.

  • In order to begin to read and perform other academic tasks, the children must first gather meaning from the world and develop an awareness of concepts. 
  • In order to gather meaning from the world, children must have many satisfying sensory and interactive experiences-they must touch, feel, smell, hear and see. Perceptual development follows. As children interpret their sensory experiences, Their minds continue to develop and expand. 
  • Our environmental arts curriculum coupled with our wondrous mountain setting amidst   beaver ponds, nature trails and forests of pine and willows, beg the children to explore and experience nature and animals at their doorstep. 

With a daily pupil/teacher ratio of 7 to 1 we accomplish these goals by focusing on five basic developmental areas:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Communication
  • Readiness Skills (Academic)

The program we pursue is geared toward helping children develop habits of observation and discovery, questioning, listening and problem solving. Enveloped in an environment of fun where they feel loved and respected they develop an awareness of the uniqueness of who they are and how to express their feelings. They learn that they are free to make choices and that as long as they stay within the limits of consideration for people and things, they do not always have to conform. An open-ended program like ours prepares children to utilize their intellectual and creative abilities in future learning tasks, and in successfully relating to the world and their fellow mankind.

For Parents

Welcome to the Wildwood Family!

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Our "hobbit house" school is nestled among beaver ponds, willows and evergreens on several acres of White River National Forest Land. Our natural setting opens the door for our unique environmental arts program. We stress a very hands-on approach to learning, including varied nature hikes in the summer; gardening in our Grow Dome, and animal tracking on snowshoes in the winter. With the Younger and Older Pre-K Domes, there is a continuous flow in the child's learning, with the program building on basic steps towards kindergarten readiness including social-emotional preparedness.

Our Programs

  • Older Dome

  • Younger Dome

  • Summer Camp

Older Dome (Pre-K)

We are excited to start another great year!

Miss Jenny, Miss Linda, Miss Julie, and Miss Tina have planned a great year. We will focus on “Wild about Wildwood” Starting with getting to know each other and our beautiful environment. We will keep you posted with daily emails to parents as well as posting the monthly calendar below. Here we goooooo!

The Pre-K Dome is an nurturing place for children ages 4 and 5, where they investigate the world around them through inquiry, self discovery. Children gain readiness skills such as social problem solving, language development, math through graphing and measuring, letter recognition with Hand Writing Without Tears, and personal expression through art, music, dance, and physical play. The daily pupil-teacher ratio is seven to one, facilitating an atmosphere of love and nurturing which is considered of paramount importance to positive growth.

Older Dome Daily Schedule
Older Dome Daily Schedule

8:30-9:10  Arrival / bus / wash hands

9:10-9:25 Large group meeting

9:25-11:00 Small group/Choice time

10:45-11:15 Clean up, hand washing, snack

11:20-12:25 Outside choice time

12:25-1:10  Hand washing, Lunch

1:10- 2:00 Share, Read aloud, Rest

2:00-2:45 Choice time

2:45-3:10 Wash hands, snack

3:10-3:25 Large group wrap-up depart

3:25-4:00 Bus Time/ pick up

(*Handwriting Without Tears curriculum)

(We are outdoors throughout the day, so children are dressed appropriately)


Please check out our Wish List at Amazon.com under Wildwood School and then click on “Older Dome Wish list.” Thanks!

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Younger Dome

Welcome! Miss Rocio, Miss Ali,  Miss Anna, and Miss Tracy, have a fun year planned learning about each other and exploring nature every day. Let the discovery begin!!! We will keep you posted with daily emails to parents as well as posting the monthly calendar below.

The Younger Dome is a joyful place for children ages 2 1/2 to 4 to learn socialization skills, organizational skills as well as age appropriate activities designed to stimulate the young mind. These include arts and crafts, field trips, skiing, dance, music and sensory awareness. The daily pupil-teacher ratio is seven to one, facilitating an atmosphere of love and nurturing which is considered of paramount importance to positive growth.

Younger Dome Daily Schedule
Younger Dome Daily Schedule

8:30-9:00 Arrival/ bus/ hand washing

9:00- 10:15 Large Group & Choice time- small groups

10:15-10:30 Clean up, hand washing, snack

10:30- 11:45 Outside choice time

11:45-12:15 Hand washing, lunch

12:15- 12:45 Quiet time / choice time

12:45- 2:00 Read aloud/ rest time

2:00- 3:00 Inside/ Outside choice time/ small group

3:00- 3:15 Hand washing, snack

3:15-3:25 Large group wrap up & depart

3:25-4:00 Bus transport & pick up


(Wednesday: Gymnastics/Library 9:45-11:20)

*Schedule is subject to change due to sports, field trips and special events.

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Summer Camp


We are excited to have your child with us this summer! The program will include many different activities and fun field trips. We will take advantage of programs offered by the Pitkin County Library, ACES at Hallam Lake (ACES), and any others that may come up during the summer. The Older dome ages are 4 & 5, and the Younger dome ages are 3 & 4. Our counselors are energetic, responsible, creative and FUN! We are First Aid and CPR-trained with degrees and years of experience working with preschool and primary-age children.


Ways to Support Wildwood School

  Solid Gold Fundraising Gala
Paver Project

Thanks for the many faces of support!

We want to thank everyone who has been helping to make our program more varied, fun, and healthy!!

Whether you volunteer to wash sleeping bags, bake a snack, fix lunch for the teachers, work as a parent helper, share a special talent, or sit on the Board of Directors — ALL ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

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